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Pounding drums, growling bass lines, psychedelic synths, sweet piano sounds, soothing dual vocals, heavy guitar riffs, soundscapes. This might sound like a random list, but Calculated uses all of these elements to create their exiting progressive rock music.

This is where our band stands for: progressive rock with a rough edge and the heavy, hard hitting grooves from 70’s hard rock. In our opinion, prog is an underrated genre, especially in the Netherlands. We hope to let this style of music blossom again, even if we can only help a little bit.

The glue to hold it all together is great songwriting. Our music contains a lot of contrast, build-up and pay-off, without loosing sight of solid melodies, flow and songs that work from start to finish.

The band exists for a few years now, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2010 before we found a solid line-up. Merlijn and Maarten, the 2 brothers with the curly hair and manly beards, lead the band on vocals, guitar and keyboard. They are backed by Lars and Ivar, who form a solid rythm section and provide the back bone. Together, they’re a unity, one which plays throughout the Netherlands and even in Germany. We’ve also played as a support for Kayak and won Popmania 2013 (a large band competition in our region).

We’re still growing and learning as we move along. In 2012, we recorded and released our EP ‘New horizons’, which received a lot of positive feedback. We’re now exploring the borders of the genre. For instance, a recent song even incorporated dubstep influences! This song has been recorded and released in june 2014. We’re still hungry for more, and hope to fill more souls with our healthy little dose of prog! Rock on!

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